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BlockApps STRATO Documentation

BlockApps STRATO is a rapid deployment blockchain platform that forms the STRATO Mercata Network. It is purpose-built with enterprise and business use-cases in mind.

BlockApps STRATO is an implementation of the Enterprise Ethereum protocol with multiple services, and APIs that interact with this implementation to form the entire BlockApps STRATO platform. BlockApps also provides tooling around the platform to make it easier for developers to build apps and interact with the platform.

STRATO Mercata is a public blockchain network that serves as the transactional and collaboration backbone for end-to-end business processes while enhancing security, performance, trust and transparency in the business value chain. For more information on the STRATO Mercata network, visit: BlockApps STRATO Mercata.

STRATO Key Features

  • Verified Identities
    • All users have verified on-chain X.509 Certificate Identities
  • Data Privacy
    • Granular data privacy settings and controls
  • Scalability
    • Handle high network activity levels
  • Dev Tools
    • Tool suite for enterprise developers
  • Data Migration
    • Efficiently add data to networks
  • Network Governance
    • Detailed control of network governance
  • APIs
    • 3rd party access and input to the network
  • OAuth Identity Integration
    • Use existing enterprise sign-on systems
  • Portability
    • Transfer other blockchain applications into STRATO
  • Cloud Agnostic
    • Run nodes on most major cloud providers
  • Analytics
    • Advanced audit & search/reporting capabilities
  • Consensus
    • PBFT voting mechanism
  • Data Modeling
    • Use existing enterprise data models

STRATO Components High-level Overview

For more detailed information about the components and features, refer to the corresponding topics of this documentation.

STRATO Developer Tools

BlockApps has also developed a suite of tooling around the STRATO platform to assist in the rapid development of apps on the network.

  • BlockApps Rest JavaScript SDK
    • Easily interface with the STRATO API from your JS application
    • Connect your VSCode to a STRATO node for a robust integrated development experience
  • Asset Framework
    • Build and deploy a complete Dapp on the STRATO Mercata Network in under 15 minutes